By Ice Kenkey

Session 1

Heed to the juicy words of ice ken-key

Hear my story of words

Words like shells but let the wise cut them open

Their outer hardness sometimes hide their inner pearls

They are words of obsession

Liked one but she gave two

Was loved but never love best

Touched but never was touched

Was dreamt but never dreamed beyond dream

Like the beast, was never afraid

And as water, flowed in every direction

And Like wind, was omnipresent

As the sun, he radiated to penetrate all

And with a slumber in the face of his Eve

All but one were overshadowed

The more he run away

The more he is dragged closer to her at noon

And even much closer when night fell

Mid-days turned to fragrance of the moon-flowers

In twilight of sweet dreams

Some in the hallelujah towers

With a melodious voice and six strings…….

This poem carries some level of imagery the writer used in relaying some information about the Characters in the poetry. What message do you think the writer in this episode is trying to put forward, lets discuss that in the comment box….

The poem contain 5 stanzas and few lines,each stanza made of four lines. Come to think of it, who was the writer referring to in the 2nd and 3rd stanzas, Ice ken-key or his Eve ? [ The Wisdom Test]

what is your general overview of this Series, can you imagine where the second series is taking us?…..

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