NSMQ 2020

The National Science and Maths Quiz seeks to promote the study of science and mathematics among students at the senior high school level.

The 2019 edition, the prestigious high school competition was won by St. Augustine’s College after they defeated defending champions, St. Peter’s SHS (PERSCO) and Presbyterian Boys’ Senior High School (PRESEC), Legon.

Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary school still holds the record of back-to-back and five time Champion, will any school run them down this year? Or will the blue magicians surprise us with another title this year?

People continue to ask questions about why the girls’ schools perform better than the boys’ schools in WASSCE by sweeping the various WASSCE awards but haven’t succeeded in taking any title so far, will a girls’ school surprise us this year?

The question still remains, which school do you think will take the trophy this year?

In just a week, 2020 balloting will be launched. #NSMQ2020 and set the stage for a festival of science, math, drama and emotions.

Join the event via LIVE stream on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube on Tuesday 1st September, 2020 at 5:30 pm GMT.

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