Legit way to increase size of your SD card

So, people have been trying to find ways to increase the size of almost everything. From finances to the lowest of things.

Some have tried to increase the internal memory of their phones and other accessories, today, i present to you one legit way to increase the size of a 2gb sd card to a maximum of 16gb.

So firstly, you need an empty sd card which is from 2gb to 8gb because we are converting to 16gb then what you want to do is to download this file called SDATA.ZIP for your computer and do exactly as i instruct.

There will be a notification on your computer that you need to install something first after you double click on the sdata.exe file so kindly go on to install it.

So after the download and installation of this file, you’ll see a pop up like this

So after inserting your memory card into the sd card adapter and inserting into the computer, click on choose your data to compress and choose the name of that sd card, you can change the name at the choose a name for data side.

After this, if your sd card is 2gb first tap on compress to 4gb,after that repeat the process and tap on compress to 8gb till you get to 16gb, and do so if yours is 4gb, tap on compress to 8gb then repeat the process to 16gb and same for the 8gb. Thanks for checking this out and stay connected for upcoming ideas.

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