Joe Mettle was threatened to marry because he impregnated Salome. (Family member reveals)

Nothing happens in secret without it coming to the notice of public nowadays. In this case, I refer to Joe Mettle, Gospel Musician and the “Owanwani Hitmaker”. We all know that Joe Mettle got married not long ago to a woman named Salome Dzasi, an ewe of course.

We all thought the marriage was a clean one, and the two had developed love for themselves that is why they got married, but a close person of the lady Joe Mettle married, has come out with some mind bugling allegations.

First of them all, Joe Mettle, was forced to marry Salome Dzasi. Why, you may ask. Here is why.

According to the insider, Joe Mettle had already impregnated Salome Dzasi, and he had no intentions of marrying her, but later, he did, after he was threatened by the lady’s parents. That made him perform the marriage rites immediately.

If we can recall, after Joe Mettle unveiled the woman on social media, exactly two weeks, they married. Also, it has not been long, since they married. Now the woman’s stomach has started protruding, which means she is pregnant.

And this, makes the allegations true. Please stay tuned as I bring more stories concerning this issue.

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