[Check out]. Kennedy Agyapong sends a powerful message to Mahama and his Wife.

Honourable Kennedy Agyapong, the Member of Parliament for Assin Central constituency who is also a leading business magnate was on ‘The Seat’ Show. On the latest episode of the programme, he shifted his focus more to the banking sector crisis.

Over the past week, the legislator took it upon himself to expose some charlatans parading Ghanaians themselves as men of God and hide behind the pulpit while exploiting them. The show won the hearts of many and almost every Ghanaian could not afford to miss it

All of sudden he shifted his focus to bring clarity on the brouhaha surrounding the banking sector crisis after the head pastor of Perez Chapel International, Bishop Daniel Agyinasare accused the ruling NPP government of allegedly collapsing the banks. As a staunch member ot the party, Mr. Agyapong dedicated the show to talk about the crisis while condemning the allegations by Agyinasare.

Rounding off the show, the legislator sent a very strong message to the wife of former President Mahama, Mrs. Lordina Mahama concerning her husband’s relationship with some of his aides. He has said that it will be better if she (Madam Lordina) is able to kick out some people away from Mr. Mahama.

He took swipes at John Mahama’s top aide, Mr. Stan Dogbe and accused him of being part of Mahama’s failure. He has advised her to sack Stan Dogbe anytime she comes around their house.

He indicated that Mahama failed in office and also lost woefully in the 2016 elections because he was being surrounded by people who did not believe in his visions and Stan Dogbe is one of them.

He said, “I want to tell Madam Lordina to be careful those who surround her husband, they are his problem. If you see them especially, Stan Dogbe around your house sack him. He does not deserve to be entertained in your home.”

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