Chairman Wontumi Drops Political Thieves With Facts And Evidence.

All the political parties in Ghana are adapting their own ways and means to be voted into power.

The two major political parties thus NDC and NPP are making many allegations against both just in other to be enticed by Ghanaians.

The Ashanti Region Chairman,who is known by many as Chairman Wontumi is very angry about some statement uttered by the Ex- Presidential Mahama who is also the flag bearer for the NDC.

Yesterday, The Ex- Presidential went to the Oti Region on tour. This was the exact place he made many allegations against the President of Ghana.

According to John Mahama, the current ruling president in Ghana is very corrupt and causing a lot of financial lost to the state.

Mahama further said,the Special Prosecutor is not acting as expected by Ghanaians because he has joined in hands with the president to accumulate money that can be used to develop the country.

The Ashanti Regional Chairman ,Wontumi is very angry about such statements made by Mahama against the President of Ghana.

Wontumi said, Mahama is not having any good idea planned for the nation Ghana but just to come and steal Ghanaians.

Wontumi said Mahama’s political career is coming to an end and he is therefore finding ways and means to steal Ghanaians.
To end his speech about this particular issue, Wontumi said Mahama shouldn’t dare the president again because he has more facts and evidence against him.

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