Breaking News:Video Of Two Military Men Allegedly Beaten At Domeabra-Obom.

Two alleged Ghanaian military officers have been grabbed and beaten at Kaswa by a group of angry mob.

Although it is not clear the cause of the incident, the video taken by one of the crowd that gathered during the incident demonstrate that, the two military officers where sent to the place by an unknown chief.

According to one of the military men, when he was finally given the chance to speak to a group of journalists who showed up at the incident, he reassured that, he was a military man.

According to him, he and his colleague came to the locality with an alleged chief and another person whom he described as a “jaasi”.

The military men had wounds all over their body as a result of the severe beatings they got from the mob.

They restated several times that, they did nothing wrong to the people to deserve such beatings from them.

According to the mob, they were not in the military and they where criminals and that is what led them to beat the military men.

The exact crime they committed however is still not known.

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