A Guy bought his wife a brand new posh Benz for falling sick

Since acquiring a brand-new Mercedes for his wife since falling ill, a man has set social media ablaze.
Some of the people are very romantic. A man gave his wife a brand new Benz after being ill. The wife took to telling the world on Instagram.

She wrote:

“I wasn’t feeling well and my husband went out and got me a Benz. YALL.”

A few members of social media posted on her article as described below:

“Me wey buy my babe private jet cos she broke her leg i no cast am. Smh

Me that has been vomiting since last night nko…what will I get now

Benz don turn Panadol 💰okay

I’m sick o…. My bberain is paining me….. Even though na iPhone X make person buy for me la😢

So sweet. Me that I’m booless I can’t relate at all

Someone should surprise me too nao 😩

🤔🤔 I’m not understanding so after getting that nz she ok now?

I have been sick for 3 days and nobody brought me food, talkless of Benz.”

See The Screenshot Below:

One thought on “A Guy bought his wife a brand new posh Benz for falling sick

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