A ghost is around you if you notice any of these 13 signs.

Often when we are alone, we may feel differently, and we don’t realize why, but some spirits don’t have some wisdom to share with us, they only want to speak with us through a theme. These are 13 signs you should be keeping an eye on.

1. Cold air: It’s cold air every time we have cool air just for a moment, maybe during hot weather, it could mean that if it happens, a great spirit is trying to give us a message and there’s cool air in hot weather.

2. Sounds: Perhaps you start hearing a few sounds you’ve never heard before, but don’t think it’s just weird and natural, it’s an illusion around you, it doesn’t mean you ought to be scared and you just need to learn about the post.

3. Moving objects: Sometimes items like books just break, because they don’t exist, but it can also mean there is a story around and they’re trying to convey something to you.

4.┬áSmells:You might start smelling stuff you never smell before and you don’t know where they come from, don’t worry the ghost might just be around to tell you.

5. Sharp sight: It can be helpful when a ghost friend is around when your eyes are weird and when you have a clear and easy view of things, it is just the work of your buddy who wants to give you a message.

6. When you feel suddenly tired, as if someone has drained all your energy, you may also feel like a Ghost

7. This may be because you’ve just been kissed by a ghost that one senses someone touching you while no one is present.

8. Getting goosebumps may be a sign that there is no explanation of why there is a ghost around.

9. An everyday item away from its normal position may be the job of a spirit only to reappear later.

10. Having mysterious shadows from your eyes corners may mean a ghost is around you.

11. Hearing constant whispers in your ears as if someone is trying to talk to you even when nobody is around can be because a ghost is trying to connect with you

12. When lights and other electronic devices are malfunctioning for no technical reason, it could mean a ghost is around.

13. Pets acting odd may be a clear indication they might have seen or sensed a presence elsewhere

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