If you’re a fan of music and you find interest in watching music videos then you’ve probably come across the name Alan Walker. I first came across this name when I watched the music video of the popular song ‘Faded’ with its awesome soundtrack but I couldn’t see the artist in the video.

Early life

Alan Walker is a British-Norwegian DJ and record producer who’s music is making the airwaves with lots of positive reviews. He was born in Norway but was granted dual citizenship due to his parent’s origins

Alan found an interest in programming and graphic design during High School but later taught himself music disc jockey by watching youtube tutorials. He found his inspirations in the likes of  K-391 and Ahrix, and reached out to them to find out how they do their musics. He started producing his own music using FL studio.


With the help and feedback from his mentors, he started producing his own music just as a bedroom producer when he was known as DJ Walkzz before signing his record deal in 2014 with his real name Alan Walker.

He released his track ‘Fade’ which had lots of attention and recognition and had over 400 million Youtube views, 115 million plays on Spotify and 41 million streams on Soundclou

d. This was followed by lots of successful releases and re-releases. He quit High School in the process, going on tours all over the world. His current music deal is with MER Musikk under Sony music Sweden, DM, RCA, NCS and Ultra

The 23 years old music producer has not collaborated with any prominent artist in the industries. All the vocals in his pieces of music are by artists who are usually not credited. This is an attempt to maintain his originality, for now.


Alan Walker currently has 30 award nominations out of which he has won 13 of them in only a time span of 3 years. These include MTN Europe Awards, EBBA Awards and International Dance Music Awards among others. Here’s a link to all awards and nominations he has accumulated.

When interviewed by NRK as to why he wears masks, he said: “It is to keep a low profile while maintaining the mental image they have given me”.

I highly recommend this guy to if you’re looking for good soundtracks for any project or just relaxing to.

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