This Is Totally Wickedness Why Should Mahama Plan The Following For Ghanaians-Dr.Kyeremateng Michael.

Dr.Michael Kyeremanteng who is the CEO of C4C Homeopathic Hospital came out today to speak against some suggestion planned to implemented by John Mahama when voted into power.

Today,John Mahama went to Oti Region and made some statement as part of the NDC party manifesto.

We all know how the motor bikes are taken lives of Ghanaian citizens but the Ex- Presidential Mahama is willing to accept and register that kind of job in Ghana.

In some parts of Ghana,because of poor roads and other factors to considered cars are not running there especially in the rural areas.

In the rural areas most of the youth are found of riding these motor bikes in other to survive. In most cases a lot of people die as a result of accident.

We are all aware that it is not save to sit on this motor bikes because most of the times the rider and the other person sitting on it are found of not wearing helmets to protect their lives.

The Commission of Road Safety has never planned to registered or legalized this kind of Job.

Just recently, Dr.Kyeremanteng Michael who is a medical doctor came out to speak against such decision planned to be implemented by the Ex- President,Mahama.

Doctor said Mahama is only planning to kill Ghanaians if only he legalized this kind of deadly work.

To end his speech on this particular issue said we should all be extra careful not to use the motor bikes as our main source of transportation. Dr.Kyeremateng Michael said this when interviewed on Angel TV today.

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