Female Student Seriously Cursed Her Teacher For Refusing Her Love Proposal

Wonders will never end on this Earth. There have been occasional examples of Male Teachers propose to student and go to the point of bullying them in most examples, but this is a different One because it is the other way round.

There, a female student who is known as Jessica according to the chat used her friend phone to chat the teacher and later reviewed her identity to the teacher.

She was bold enough to proposed to her instructor in a sequence of talks, and then did the unimaginable.

In a couple of whatsapp chats between the teacher and the female student, it is shown that the student proposes to the male teacher that he originally took as joke but the female student takes it to a different stage and also curses the teacher for failing to participate with her in these actions.

Here are a few descriptions and proofs of what really happened:

This is the lady . JESSICA

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