She Loves Me Right?

Richie, a 20-year-old gentleman with Erotomania, also known as de Clerambault syndrome, had been stalking his classmate for six month before he came out to me.
Richie was neatly dressed, of average build and height, his brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. His brown eyes gazed keenly at me, as he told me he’s been having delusions for two weeks. I asked him what happened, he looked happy as he said, “She loves me.” Richie firmly believed that Sheila adored him and was waiting for him to ask her out on a date. As a result of this hallucinations, he waited for her everyday outside the lecture hall where she has her early morning lectures. Somehow he had found her hostel address and sent her flowers, chocolates and other gifts. One day when Sheila was at the bar with her boyfriend, Richie walked in, sat down not far from them, and stared. Needless to say, Sheila has terrified of Richie, and when she saw him in there, she asked him to stop stalking her and that she had a boyfriend. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing and said, “but i thought you loved me!”. “Love you?”, she said. “I don’t even know you, and i wouldn’t love a stranger.” During their matriculation, Sheila, who was passing a sheet over to someone, accidentally touched Richie with her hands as she passed the sheet across from each other. Richie interpreted this as a further proof of Sheila’s love. But Sheila said it was an accident. He didn’t believe her because he had a delusion, which is fixed, firm belief that no one can change. Erotomania is extremely difficult to deal with and it can lead to people harming those they are stalking. Richie needed medications and lots of therapy about his erotomania. It took me two years to convince him that Sheila was not in love with him. During this time, he missed the opportunity to date Rita, who was interested in him. He would always have the excuse that he was waiting for Sheila to return and marry him. But, of course, she never came and he never saw her again, and anytime he went to the lecture hall, he never saw her.

She got transferred to a different school, a thousand miles away!
Poor Richie.

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