Know Your Temperament Through Your Eating Habits

Temperament influences everything you do, from sleep habits to eating habits to study habits to the way you get along with people. Humanly speaking, there is no other influence as powerful than your temperament.

That’s why its important to know your temperament and to be able to analyze that of others.

Temperament is an individual’s characteristic level of emotional excitability or intensity and its typically recognized within the first weeks after birth.

Typically, there are four fundamental personality types; sanguine, melancholy, choleric and phlegmatic.

Temperament And Eating Habits

Phlegmatic; They are the most deliberate eaters of all time and mostly are always the last people to finish a meal. That’s the main reason they rarely gain weight.

Sanguine; people who have this kind of temperament eat everything in sight and also look it in a restaurant. They enjoy talking to the extent that they never look at the menu until the waitress arrives.

Melancholic; They are picky eaters, it takes them forever to decide on the kind of food to order. Once it arrives, they taste and enjoy every bite to the fullest.

Choleric; people with this kind of temperament are termed as stereotyped eaters. They seldom vary their menu from one day to the next and when it arrives they bolt it down in big chunks often talking while eating their food.

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