Just In:Mahama Angrily Blast Nana Addo.

Ex- President Mahama today on his tour to the Oti Region made some allegations against the current president Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo.

John Mahama saidsaid, he was listening to the manifesto delivered by the National Patriotic Party and he was eager to hear the party talking about the way forward to fight corruption in Ghana.

According to John Mahama,Nana Addo is the most corrupt president in Ghana and have nothing better to give Ghanaians.

Mahama said he thought Martin Amidu who is the current Special Prosecutor was elected to fight against corruption but that was not the case but to joined in hands with Nana Addo and accumulate money of Ghanaians.

According to John Mahama Martin can work as expected because he is been controlled like a child by the current president of Ghana.

Mahama further said out of corruption the office of the Editor General was robbed but the president didn’t talk much about it because of corruption.

To end his speech on this issue, Mahama said Nana Addo can never eradicate corruption because if you try to fight corruption it will fight you back.

The statement delivered by John Mahama was aired by Angel TV during their mid day news.

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