Of late, we have been hearing this word “KUMERICA”. Others like “ACCRARICA” and “OBUARICA” have come up. One may wonder, what does this all mean? Let us dig deep into the issues and find out how all this came about. Our main concentration will be on “KUMERICA”. Are you ready?
First of all, it is quite important to take into consideration the morphology of the word KUMERICA. Before we continue, I state categorically that there is no way you would find this word in any dictionary (maybe in the distant future, it may be there, who knows). Let’s continue then. Any Ghanaian would possibly know how to break this down but let’s do this anyway since we would have an international audience. Hence, we will have the word broken down into two part namely; |KUM| and |ERICA|. One part stands for a city and the other stands for a country. Let’s get into it, shall we!
|KUM|, this is the city we are talking about here. A capital city of the Ashanti region, the largest region of the republic of Ghana, a developing country on the African continent. This city is KUMASI. Kumasi hosts a great deal of culture, a people with pride and considered to be the heartbeat of the country Ghana regardless of the fact that Accra is the capital city of Ghana. Now the youth of Kumasi have an interesting behavior. When they see something good and they want to achieve it, they act live they have it already. Funny right? Well we will delve into that soon in the discussion. This brings us to the second part of the morphology of the word.
|ERICA|, remember I spoke about a country. This country is the United States of America. Now you see where the |ERICA| is coming from? America. Now what can we say about America. America is a highly developed country and for many in African countries like Ghana, it is perceived to be” heaven on earth”. A land flowing with milk and honey. Now the lifestyle of people of America is what is most important in this discussion. Americans like to have fun, they like to spend on expensive things (the cars, the phones, all about dressing). Americans have an accent, one that is recognizable by anyone when they speak so to say they slung in their speech.
Haven stated the above, now let’s link KUM to ERICA. As mentioned earlier the youth of Kumasi like to act out what they want to be. The youth have seen America to be heaven and who wouldn’t want to live the life of the citizens of heaven. Kumasi youth have developed American slungs, they walk with a “togg”, so to say, they listen to hip-hop and follow American artistes on social media, they buy expensive phones, attend expensive parties and visit expensive places. Basically, the youth want to live the life that Americans live in this Kumasi. Since they are imitating the American lifestyle whilst in Kumasi, we have branded them. This has led to the combination of the two structures |KUM| and |ERICA| to arrive at the popular “KUMERICA”. To this extent we have the “Kumasi Migos imitating the Migos of America. The KUMERICANS, so they are called, liken the statue of Komfo Anokye commanding the golden stool from the heavens to the Statue of Liberty in the United States. Intriguing story right? Yes, that’s the whole perspective of KUMERICA.
Now we see other places in the country coping, I must say, the path of KUMERICANS. We have seen ACCRARICA and OBUARICA. And I’m sure others will come up as days go by. CATCH YOU ON ANOTHER EDITION.

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