5 Foods that are Damaging your memory and Brain.

Indeed our brain became our body’s largest organ. It is the CPU which controls all functions. All is wired up into the brain, irrespective of our feeling, focus or heartbeat. This makes care even more important if we eat what we don’t eat.

We consume many items daily, but certain foods can influence how our brain works directly impact our memory, response, emotion, moods, and increase the risk of disorders of mental health such as dementia. We must maintain a healthy brain as we age. Five worst foods here are for our brain that destroy our concentration, intellect, and much more slowly and reliably.

Sugary Beverages

Beer, fruits, beverages for sugar, soda was part of your life. Although they taste amazing and suppress our appetite for a while, they are also severely sick. Sugar drinks increase the risk of diabetes type 2 and heart disease quickly.

They also negatively affect the brain and type 2 diabetes is also also the explanation for the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Okay, we all know these beverages contain high levels of fructose, resulting in high blood pressure, carbohydrates, obesity, brain inflammation, memory loss, dementia and more.

Too Much Salty Foods

Everybody knows how salty food affects our blood pressure and stimulates our hearts directly. The higher sodium intake affects your cognitive thinking, intelligence and your thinking ability.

Many studies have shown that salty food and nicotine can also be dangerous to use as medicines, as their withdrawal and cravings have been seriously affected.


We know already what excess alcohol use our brains can do. Neurotransmitter damage and others are side-effects including brain volumes.

It leads to vitamin B1 deficiency, also related to Wernicke’s brain disorder (a life-threatening disease that primarily affects the central and peripheral nervous systems). Later it becomes chronic memory disorder due to the alcohol abuse of Korsakoff ‘s syndrome.

Trans Fat

From our school days, trans fats have been told how obesity, heart attacks and cholesterol can be brought to life.

Let us tell you that it affects your brain, reactives and raises the risk of stroke, as it damages your reflexes. We compress your brain when used too much over a prolonged time, just like Alzheimer’s over your brain.


While nicotine is quite dangerous, it causes damage on your brain which decreases free flow of blood, glucose and oxygen around it. While nicotine is very harmful

Of course , it is important to the brain how this works. From increased risk of lung cancer to premature aging (a blood vessel essential for brain function), and tightening the capillary arteries.

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