Fun Facts About Upcoming ‘The Batman (2021)’ Movie

The Batman (2021)

‘The Batman’ Goes Back to Year Two, Reveals First Footage

What Happened: We knew that director Matt Reeves had only shot about 25% of The Batman before production shut down due to the global pandemic, but we couldn’t have prepared for the trailer drop that punctuated the FanDome event with an exclamation mark. While no release date was announced, filming looks to resume in September. The goth-glam look of the movie is set in Year Two of Bruce Wayne/Batman’s criminalogical experiments, and his mistakes are piling up as a series of murders grip Gotham. Reeves let it be known that the versions of these characters—which include the Penguin and a pre-Catwoman Selina Kyle—are like nothing we’ve seen in the previous iterations of Batman’s story. And we’re completely sold on Robert Pattinson (actually, we always have been.


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