Four (4) Ghanaian Celebrities Who Are Broke

Celebrities going broke abounds in almost every industry across the globe. In some cases, these celebs amassed a lot of wealth but poor decisions and lack of planning for their lives made them lose everything.
In other cases, the celebrities did not make enough money from their crafts at all as we presumed, which ultimately means their fame was not directly proportional to their wallet or bank account.

Now, we got to know these celebs in out write-up are broke owing to clues they dropped in various interviews in the past and the fact that most of them publicly begged the government and well wishers to come to their aid when they fell sick and needed money to fund their medical bills.

  1. Psalm Adjeteyfio (T.T)

The veteran actor is just a typical example of a famous person whose finances does not matchup to his popularity. The actor has been sick for a while and couldn’t afford to fund his own bills after which he decided to beg Ghanaians to come to his aid.

Back in 2018, he sadly revealed that the sickness made him a weak and shrunk the size of his manhood which affected his sexual performance greatly. The man who is fondly remembered for his hit TV series, Taxi Driver said was diagnosed of having an enlarged heart which had rippling effects on other parts of his body.

He indicated in an interview with Kofi TV that his feet were swollen which made movements very difficult. To sum up, TT is very broke and the needed the help of Ghanaians to pay his bills and for his upkeep. He got the help he was looking for as benevolent Ghanaians came to his aid. TT has appeared in several Ghanaian movies and TV series. He also acted in a handful of Ghana and Nigeria movie collaborations in the early 2000s.

  1. William Addo

William Addo, aka Akpatse is also another veteran actor who has nothing to show for his years of dedication and hard work to the development of our movie industry. The 70- year old actor almost went blind after he was diagnosed with cataract. Some of his friends and family funded his bills but apparently that wasn’t enough as he still needed more money to keep up with the regular check-ups and because he did not get help immediately, he went blind completely. Unable to withstand his predicament, he asked the President Nana Akufo Addo to help him out before it’s too late.

‘I cannot even receive calls or read messages on my phone without help. I easily get lost because I do not see my way around, I need help. The president should help me, I have served Ghana well,’ he cried in an interview.

  1. Jagger Pee

Perhaps Jagger Pee might argue that he spent a lot of years in prison which robbed him of some part of his life but of course there’s no excuse for being broke after several years in the movie industry. Jagger Pee, whose real name is Abeiku Nyame was imprisoned alongside then friend and music star, Geeman, in 1996 following a shooting incident at the CFC Flats, Dome in Accra, where a taxi driver was killed in 1995.

Just like his other veteran colleagues on this list, Jagger Pee also sought financial help for his medical care for surgery to replace his non-functioning heart valves. He told Showbiz in 2016 that though he has already received some donations, it was below the expected medical fees of GH¢ 40,000 to have an artificial replacement for his two damaged heart valves.

  1. eShun

Songstress eShun recently admitted that she is broke because her manager, Stephen Mensah who later became her boyfriend, pocketed all her money she made as a singer.

She claimed that she never received a share of those monies because she thought she was working with her husband to be. eShun said she perceived that they were working together so they could build their family on the funds that they made.

She told the media thus: ‘I met Stephen as everyone meets his/her lover and when we met. He said I’ve been to reality shows and others so he will help so that we can both build a family together.’

Disclaimer: This article is not for purpose of humiliation or solicitation of funds for anyone, this any way, could be in the readers discretion.


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