Life saw all my daily strife
Strive goes with thrive
Cyclonic vibrations in and out
Which leaves me wondering without a doubt
Whenever I mount the stage
I remember the time I began to write at my age
Some say I’m going places
But you can tell what they expect from their face
I smile,leaving them to the next page
With them forgetting from whom they are made
Their thoughts piercing and sharper than a stainless blade
They really need prayers so I plan on holding for them a crusade
With their pride preventing them to run for people’s aid
Sitting in frustrated looks calculating how much I’m being paid a day
Waiting impatiently when I’m going to get laid
I think it’s about time I called a spade a spade

My principle is simple
Let her go if she says she will
Forget the bill
Leave her alone
But make sure she takes your name out of the friend zone
They think they are fast
But tell them never to act smart

-by Mastermind The Poet (Khobby Brown)-

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