Breaking News:Ghanaian Men Are Allowed To Cheat-Lawyer Maurice Apaw.

Cheating in marriage is becoming the game of the day. Most especially men are found of cheating on their wives in relationship.

This evening on Wontumi TV a program called Mmra Ne Abrabo Mu Nsem hosted by Obaa Adwoa Aweh.

Lawyer Maurice Apaw made it known to the general public concerning cheating in relationship.

According to lawyer Maurice Apaw, a lot of Ghanaian women are suffering from their boyfriends as a result of cheating.

Lawyer Maurice Apaw said when a woman or a girl stays with a man or a boy and if the marriage is not registered in the court or the necessary rites are not performed in the house the men are allowed to cheat and is never against the Law of the state.

Lawyer Maurice said the man can associate with many women he wish because that kind of relationship is done on their own risk.

Lawyer Maurice Apaw advised all Ghanaians especially women who are not married to be extra vigilant not to allow themselves for the men. 

To end his speech on this issue, Lawyer Maurice Apaw said Ghanaian women should stop cursing men for just having an affair with them and later dump them because is not recognized by the constitution of Ghana.

Lawyer Maurice Apaw also said the marriage is not registered in court but the necessary rites are performed in that case the man can be reported to the Chief Council for punishment.

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