Breaking News: Prophet Badu Kobi Finally Reveals The Political Party That Will Win The Upcoming Election.

Yesterday was the exact day the New Patriotic Party launched their manifesto.
Ghanaians are eager to hear the manifesto for the NDC which is not yet released.
According to many political leaders of the New Patriotic Party they think the NDC have not planned anything for Ghanaians and they are waiting to copy.

Since the beginning of the year, a lot of Ghanaians and prominent pastors in Ghana have predicted the party they wish or want to come into power.
Just recently, a famous and powerful man of called Emmanuel Kobi Badu who is a business man,Philanthropy and also a writer have revealed the political party to win the 2O2O election.

Prophet Badu Kobi is the founder and leader of Glorious Wave International,and also the president for Kingdom Bible College said the ruling party will take over one more time again.

Follow the link below to watch the video.

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