Benefiting From SHS Without Tertiary Education – Visual Arts

In our earlier posts, we talked about some opportunities available to you as an SHS graduate who could not get access to tertiary education. Not getting access to tertiary education may be due to various reasons but that does not mean your life should be on hold. Acquired skills from SHS are more valuable than you think and in this article, we’ll be taking a look at how you can benefit from these said skills.

        Visual arts is one of the programs offered by the Ghanaian SHS. It is usually associated with boys and most often our less preferred choice. There is also a misconception about students offering this program as they are usually regarded less.

Let us know that in our current economic state, skills are valued more than knowledge and this program equips students with the best and most varied skills as compared to its counterparts. The visual arts curriculum followed in the Ghanaian Senior High Schools has nine(9) subjects, eight(8) out of which is skill-based. Let us look at how you can use these acquired skills to make the most of the community in which you find yourself and become financially stable.

Graphic Design

        One of the topics under Visual Arts in SHS is graphic design. Skills acquired from this area can generate income for you if you apply them well. With a little computer literacy and a couple of tutorial videos, you can design literally anything; flyers, posters, stickers, business cards, logos, clothing designs and patterns, invitation cards and so much more. In this field, your possibilities are endless and very lucrative.

Picture making

Much similar to graphic design but skills procured from picture-making will gear you towards designing custom pictures of people. It could be through painting, hence showcasing your drawing skills or digital design- by the use of a computer. These are usually termed as portraits and they cost a lot in Ghana especially if the artwork is very good.


This area of visual arts equips you the necessary skills needed in making artefacts with jewellery. From bags, shoes, dresses, caps to earrings, necklaces, and rings, you can modify these with simple and affordable pieces of jewellery to give them a much more fancy look. Most materials needed for these are easy to get in Ghana.


Our Ghanaian culture needs to be preserved and one way of doing so is through sculptures. Not just any sculptures but those that tell a story and showcase a belief. Your skills of moulding, modelling and carving are acute here as well as your choice materials. Old Ghanaian cultures are degrading and losing their beauty and value. Visual artists cannot be needed more than now.


Another valuable field that is an easy application of skill and can generate a considerable income to you. Ceramics such as plates, earthenwares, cups, teapots and water storing pots are all in high demand. Engaging in this will require little capital as the ingredients are already provided by nature.

Leather works

Leathers are very much appreciated in Ghana no matter the product involved. Belts, shoes, bags, hats, and wallets are some of the Ghanaian products that we appreciate more when they are made with leather. Your skills in leather crafting and design will pay off very well if you engage in this field.


I’m sure you’ve realised that the Ghanaian society love designs, even I do. Almost all fabrics in the country have design patterns in them and that’s where your skills come in. You provide designs for clothes, the interior of buildings, and also to produce ‘stories in clothes’ which are highly patronized and can earn you a living. The best example of ‘stories in clothes’ is our own indigenous kente.


Basket weaving in Ghana is greatly undermined and lowly patronized mainly because of the use of palm fronds. Other durable and appealing materials can be used to weave different types of baskets. Alternate materials to enhance the beauty and durability of your baskets are stems, threads and metal wires – basically anything that can bend.

But note that all of the above can pay way better if you acquire more training and skills to polish and sharpen your talent.

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