Beautiful Ewe names and their meanings

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Ewes are a group of people who speak the EƲe language. The Ewes have traveled far and wide all across but the most well known currently are residents in Ghana, Togo, and Benin. A handful is scattered in Nigeria and some other parts.

Their names have been an interesting topic over the years. This is because Ewes tend to have nice and pleasant first but their family names are nothing to write home about.

Most of these names are usually a praise or adoration to God.

Let’s look at a few of these names and their meanings.

Etornam translates as “God has answered me”. Other variations can be Mawutor or Mawutornam. This goes to show that in a time of need, God answered a prayer and hence the name.

Senanu, Senam, or Mawuena being other variations is an appreciation message thanking God for the gift of life. It translates as God has given. This means the recipient of the gift is grateful and wouldn’t have wished for anything different.

Dzigbordi translates directly as Patience. Patience is calm, quiet, peaceful and these qualities are most visible in people bearing this name.

Mawufemor is Ewe for Godsway. The ways of God are not known to man and sometimes, it doesn’t make sense. In regard and for people to trust God and not lose their way, they name their children Mawufemor.

Edudzi/ Dzidula is a victory name. It can be translated as victor or winner. A name like is given to children who beat all the odds to stay alive or the mother won a battle during that child’s pregnancy.

It should be noted that none of these is finite wisdom and so additions are welcome.

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