Apart From Free Education All Senior High School Students Are To Enjoy These Things Also- Nana Addo.

The Akuffo Addo’s led government has promised Ghanaians many things in their next administration.

This promises were made on 22nd August at the launching of NPP’s 2020 Manifesto at the University of Cape Coast.

President Akuffo has assured all Ghanaians new promises especially Senior High School Students.

In the next administration of the NPP, all Senior High School Students will enjoy the use of digital devices made in Ghana loaded with digital content.

This promise was made by Akuffo Addo among other promises such as:

The Cancellation of guarantors system for students’ loan;

A complete provision of free wifi at at public schools from secondary to tertairy level.

Ghana will be going to the polls on 7th December to elect a president and Parliamentarians.

This year as an election year has also being a year of many promises by the two dominant political parties, NDC and NPP.

Mr. John Dramani Mahama has also promised to provide one million jobs in his next administration to unemployed youth desperately looking for jobs.

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