Why you should NOT use PayPal(IMPORTANT)!!!

PayPal! America’s best online payment system. And that’s the problem. It’s best suited for American citizens living in America. PayPal is available only to a few Africa countries, and Ghana is not even one of them. I’ve had a PayPal account since 2018 and here are my observations on the usage, services and general outlook of PayPal.


First of all, it’s such a hurdle creating a PayPal account here in Ghana. You’d have to use apps like TextPlus to create a U.S number to register an account, and also go online to find a fake home address, zip code and other details before you can create an account, since Ghana is not a supported country. If you do not wanna go through all that stress yourself, there are always opportunistic tech savvy guys who eould create the account for you at a fee of GHC50.00 or more.


If you manage to create an account with the fake details, there’s still the problem of verifying your account. If you do not verify your account, you cannot send money. Basically, your account is somewhat limited. To verify your account, you’ll need yo upload your identification and billing documents as well as your TIN(Tax Identification Number) or SSN(Social Security Number) and once you upload those documents, PayPal becomes aware that you are not a citizen of the United States and limits your account. They stop offering you services and you can no longer receive money.


This is the most annoying issue I’ve faced by far. After working hard for a company and receiving pay in your paypal account, you cannot withdraw the money. The only options you have are to link a U.S Bank account to your PayPal account or link a prepaid debit card(which may not even work). And there have been times that some money was deducted from my card when I tried linking it to my account and I never got the money back. Sucks, right?


Basically, PayPal doesn’t give two shits about you as long as you’re from Africa, and if you have any issue, it either takes a long time for them to solve it or they never get to it at all. And since their Headquarters is located in the U.S, you cannot really do much from here, can you?

My advice to you out there, even though PayPal looks flashy, fancy and appears as a safe and fast way of receiving payments, you should definitely consider these factors before going ahead to create an account and using it as your method of receiving payment.

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