Upcoming music underdogs Ghanaians should know about

Music as we all know is a healer, it does so many things and we appreciate it in so many ways. We listen to lots of genres of music depending on the ones we like and most Africans also appreciate music from abroad more than they do for those from their country, it is time to know the new and upcoming music prodigies from young to old and some of the songs they have brought out and must be heard.

One person has been helping friends and family who have musical talents to bring out their hidden specialty so the whole world will know about them and his name is Sefah Daniel also known as Supremo and some of the people he works with who have brought out their own music include, Kaycil with his Eleven EP, Samanie who sang blow, Alisha Spanish FROM hello, Adwoa Agyeiwaah in the song Obaa, Guymore from the song Pray, Aquonsiah from Trust issues and some of her compilations, Miracle and Supremo himself in Gbozaza, Costa with his dope engineering skills, Ajayy from Lemme love you and my personal favorite duo Stainless and his sister Ewurabena who lit Gh on fire with their song Manna and many many other incoming artistes that we should be proud of. There are more who are coming out with much more hot stuff on their YouTube channel called Anoda Qlassiq we all should show our love and support to these incoming youngsters because they deserve to be heard.

You and i can also help push them by listening to their hot stuff and subscribing to their channels and sharing their beautiful works of art i musical form.

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