The Assistant. Chapter 2.

Evans rehearsed how he was going to Meryl to be his date for the event. On Monday, after their lunch break he called Meryl into his office. He explained his situation and asked her to be his date for one night. Knowing the kind of person Evans was, Meryl was decided she wasn’t going to be one of his numerous one night stands. After all she was his PA and she had seen how he handled his numerous girlfriends. She decided not to accept his request. “I’m sorry sir but I can’t be your date even if it’s just for one night”. “Meryl look, I know it’s unprofessional of me to ask this of you but please don’t say no. You’re my only hope now, please”. Meryl hadn’t seen her her boss this pitiable before, she felt bad for him even. So she asked him to give her time to think about it. She discussed it with her best friend and roommate, Jeannie. Jeannie advised her to do it after all it was only for one night. Meryl told her boss she would be her date and he thanked her profusely. He however had to make sure she got home before 10pm. The event was on Saturday so on Friday Evans gave her the day off. He sent her a parcel which contained a gold form fitting gown and matching gold stilettos with a note that said “PLEASE WEAR THESE TOMORROW, EVANS. She called him to thank him and showed them to Jeannie when she came back from work. “So he bought them for you? Wow, Meryl your boss is really generous. These things cost a fortune. God, I wish I had a boss like yours”. “Jeannie, you know they’re not for free. I’ll wear them as his date, remember?” “Still I wish I had a boss like yours, I’ll definitely borrow them for one of my dates”. They laughed over it and went to bed. On Saturday, Evans sent someone over to style Meryl’s hair and do her make up. Evans came at 7pm to pick her up and he was shocked when he saw her. The dress fit her her perfectly and showed her curves, her make up was well done. She looked so beautiful that Evans couldn’t take his eyes off her. Meryl had to call him twice before he heard her. “Thank you Mr. Evans for the dress, shoes and the hairstylist”. “You’re welcome, thank you for being my date”. At the event Evans didn’t let Meryl out of sight, he took her everywhere he went to and introduced her to his mum as his girlfriend. Meryl got angry at that but kept her cool. The event ended at 9:30pm. Meryl decided to ask him why he addressed her as his girlfriend. However, Evans had a lot to drink and was a bit drunk. He started touching her inappropriately and tried to kiss her. Meryl slapped him and got out of the car, Evans tried to follow her but he was too late. She got a taxi the moment she got out of the car.

What do you think is going to happen between Evans and Meryl. Is she going to remain working for him or let it slide. Watch out for Chapter 3 of the Assistant

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