Six Promising Artists You Should Know About Before They Take Over The Ghana Music Industry

There are a lot of promising and upcoming Artists in Ghana but let’s check out these amazing six profiles below.

1.OFFEI- This guy is super talented whatttt imagine someone going from holding injections and Lab test kits to holding mic that should tell you level of passion he has for music.Offei has been releasing good music for some years now and is popularly known by his two hits songs thus ‘Santoriri’ and his breakthrough song ‘Fi Ma No’ featuring Nigeria’s top and finest Artist Patoranking. You can find Offei’s music on all the major platforms you can think of.check out his instagram profile below.

2.GYAKIE-This young star has got some mad voice i mean her vocals is on a new level,alright let’s put her talent aside she is also the daughter of the legendary Nana Acheampong one of the Lumba brothers.She is best known for her song titled ‘Never Again’ if you ever feel broken hearted go listen to ‘never again’ trust you will be fine.She has also recently released her Ep titled ‘SeedEp’ out on all major platforms.Check out Gyakie’s instagram profile below.

3.BLACKO SHERIF- Sherif is a seriously talented guy you should look out for.He is an all round artist that is he sings,raps and am quite sure if he is given the change he would even ragga……Sherif is popularly known by his hit song ‘Money’ a motivational song that talks about money,asking God to show him where the money is because he’s been hustling for long,he also made a remix of the ‘money’ song with the ‘proud fuckboys’ hitmaker Tulenkey.check out his instagram profile below.

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New Music Soon! photos by : @obeimages

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4.Edoh Yat- This guy too is madly talented with a unique voice.He also has a catchy appearance that’s his hairstyle and the colors he gives to his hair.Edoh Yat is popularly known by his hit song titled ‘wind’ it’s more like an inspirational song that talks about how friends or people pretend they like you but they actually don’t.Check Edoh’s instagram profile below.

5.DEDEBAH- This girl has got BARS i mean she can rap you know she ain’t just a rapper she is a hardcore rapper,give her any beat and she will kill it for you.She is popularly known by her song ‘Devil in me’.Check out her instagram profile below for some good music.

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Be such a good soul that people crave your vibes.

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6.BRAYNY-This guy is some serious rapper with Bars when it comes to words play and punches don’t go there and it doesn’t end there he also a serious singer and has now taken upon himself to cultivate the UK drill culture in Ghana.He has recently released a couple of bangers and freestyles ranging from ‘ puss in boots,Shut up,cold fire and back from birth’ which are on the major music platforms.Trust me he is a real Gem.Check out his instagram profile below for some good music.

There are a lot more promising and fast rising artists but let’s save some for another day.Follow me @nufuo_nyame on Twitter for more updates.

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