See what the minister of sanitation has for Cape Coast.

This is Ghana where we have a minister and two deputy ministers making three ministers in all who are responsible for the good management of sanitation. They also have under them many sectors who are responsible for all this issue. They also cooperate with the Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly.

In this 21 century, Ghana is still poor in managing good sanitation.

They used to dump refuse in a big bins that are metallic. It always get rust because it stays in rain when it rains. Because it is also uncovered, the rubbish scartters around when wind blows. It always get full easily and it took those who are responsible to empty it a very long time to do that.

We were taught by the health department that we should always dump refuse in to a covered bin in other to prevent spreading diseases. Then if it is so ,it means this form of bin is causing harm to the environment.

Imagine what the people around where the bins are sited going through. If the sanitation ministers can’t control or manage to get a good evironment for their people to stay in, how will the health ministers also be able to manage the good system of the people?

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