Monday, 24th August on Jiji Maa.

Piyali Threatens Falguni.

Niyati cooking food. Vidhaan says we will dine together. Jayant says I have sent Falguni to get Piyali so that family completes. Niyati says I don’t feel connection with Piyali, she tried to ruin our house. Jayant says Falguni wants to accept her, she needs you too. Niyati says we should give a place to Piyali here for Falguni’s sake. Vidhaan says think of Suyash, what will he go through on seeing her here. Suyash hears them. Jayant goes to open the door. Falguni gets Piyali home. Jayant welcomes Piyali. Falguni signs Niyati. Niyati gets aarti plate and does Piyali’s aarti. Piyali hugs Niyati.

Falguni thinks this love will end all your bitterness, you will be with family. She asks Niyati to take Piyali to room. She goes to Suyash. He puts on earplugs. She stops him and says Piyali is my sister. He asks how could you forget how she insulted me. Piyali comes and says I didn’t know that you are my sister’s family. She lies and says I have no enmity with you.

He asks her to stop nonsense. She says don’t punish Falguni for this. He goes. Falguni says you lied to them. Piyali says if I tell them truth, they will hate me. Falguni says I won’t tell them. Piyali says you want to be good in their eyes, right. She goes and sees Niyati and Vidhaan’s pic. Niyati sees her. Piyali says your pics are lovely. Niyati says its Falguni’s hardwork that I have got educated, after mum’s death, Falguni didn’t study and sent me to school, she is behind my success and happiness. Piyali gets angry and says I m also your sister. Niyati says yes, but you are not like this, you have done bad with this family, we can never imagine doing bad with people, you are Falguni’s twin sister, but not good like her. She says Falguni got you home, but you have to make your own place in everyone’s heart. Piyali goes. Falguni comes to Niyati and says I have seen Piyali hugging you, maybe she loves you and this can lessen her bitterness, did you talk to her. Niyati says yes, I told her that she isn’t good, we just hate her. Falguni asks what, why did you say this, hatred will get less with time, don’t do this, forget everything and accept her.

Falguni comes to Piyali and says tell me if you need anything. She sees Suyash’s pic burning and goes in. She sees everyone’s pics. She asks what are you doing. Piyali says this is clip of future, I will ruin your family, Niyati hates me just because of you, every relation will be away from you, Niyati will get away from you, I will become her Jiji maa, and you won’t exist in our lives. She burns Falguni’s pic. Falguni hugs her and says I left you alone once, I won’t leave you again.

Piyali gets away. Falguni says we will celebrate Ganesh chaturthi, he will end your hatred, your anger will change into love soon. Everyone dines together. Piyali comes. She takes Uttara’s chair. Jayant says its Uttara’s chair, nobody sits on it. Piyali acts hurt. Falguni asks her to sit somewhere else. Piyali sits on her chair. Niyati says Falguni sits here. Falguni says its fine, sit anywhere you want. Suyash and Vidhaan leave….
Falguni Decides To Get Piyali Home.

Suyash asking Falguni what is Piyali saying. He scolds Piyali. Piyali says I know the value of a house, so I have returned it, I have done a lot, family hurts the most. She asks Niyati to ask Falguni. She says Niyati has a right to know truth. Suyash asks why will Falguni answer us. She says because Falguni is my own sister. They all get shocked. Piyali says I m Falguni and Niyati’s forgotten sister, who got away from family. She justifies herself and cries. She apologizes to them and leaves. Niyati asks did she say the truth. Falguni says yes, you have another sister, Piyali, she was lost by my mistake. Niyati and Suyash say maybe Piyali is lying. Falguni says no, she is saying truth, I have some memories.

Piyali comes to her home. She says I have played a big trick. She says Falguni’s life will come to me, I will get everything. She hurts her hand and says I will never let her wounds heal, its my turn to snatch everything from her. Falguni says Piyali never got a family and home. Jayant says maybe that’s why, she was hurting us thinking we are her business rival, then she learnt that she is your sister. Falguni thinks how to tell them that she was intentionally hurting them, they won’t forgive her. Jayant says she values relations, she has goodness and humanity. Piyali says everyone will just see my goodness. She says Falguni was here to take me home, she would be talking to her family. Falguni asks them to forgive Piyali. Suyash says no, we can’t forgive what she did with us. Falguni says she is my sister, forgive her. He says I can’t fall weak, she insulted us, though we got money back, we will need years to get the same name in business, you are free to keep relations with her, don’t expect me to forgive her.

Piyali says she will take me home and commit a big mistake. Falguni cries. Jayant says I know you are hurt, try to understand Suyash, he got cheated by Uttara and now Piyali, it won’t be easy for him to trust Piyali. She blames herself. Jayant says you don’t feel guilty. She says my mistake changed her life, she has lived without a family, I want you all to forgive her, she needs a family. He says you have right on this house, you do what you want, Piyali returned us the house, you should hug her and get her home, she should be here, go to her. Piyali throws glass bottles. She gets blindfold and walks on glass, saying Falguni may come, she may not come. Falguni knocks the door and Piyali stops from stepping in glass. Falguni says I came to take you home. Piyali taunts. Falguni says I came to take you to family. Piyali says thanks for returning me my relations, I knew you will come, you had to become good in front of everyone.

Piyali threatens Falguni about her family. She says Niyati and I will stay together, you won’t have any sign of existence in our lives.

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