How to get a blog website in 2 ways without having to pay a dime.

There are various people out there who have hidden talents and would like to show it to the world but unfortunately, most of these people do not have the financial backing to advance into getting their own platform to display what they can do and probably get hired for a job on other platforms.
Today, i teach you how to get your personal blog as a writer looking forward to sharing his or her stories, poems and others to the world, a business person looking forward to displaying goods and services, a freelancer looking forward to selling their skills to those in need of his or her particular skills, one thing i would like to point out is, even though these are free, you do get a domain and stuff but to polish your domain to your liking requires payment and some other features do too but if you are already a web developer and after creation of your web page you need web hosting but you’re out of funds, you can get hosted for free too.
So these are the two ways you can start blogging for free, earn a little and use a minute amount of what you earn to go pro. They are and is a very simple platform that helps you start blogging on your own created website for free, the registration process is super easy and to begin you have to choose continue with a free page. After that you
type your valid email and start the normal registration process and that’s all, if after blogging for a while, you get a couple of currencies, you can go pro with the site and enjoy extra features.

Next is the, this one is popularly used by developers, but can also be used by anyone to gain an audience and further their career in terms of blogging so tap on create an account and choose the start
blogging for free button and begin the registration process which is absolutely easy so finish with the registration and start blogging, yeah, it is that easy. One thing is, you can especially for article writers, you can send your articles to various other platforms and link them to your hashnode account.

So these are the two sites you can get your free blog

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