Do you remember Shatta wale’s daughter? See what peoples are saying about her photos.

Charles Nii Armah Mensah known as Shatta Wale is a Reggae Dance hall and afro pop musician. Shatta is also the chief Executive officer of the Shatta Movement empire.

Shatta wale is known as the African Dancehall king because he is one of the most awarded African Dancehall musicians. Shatta have over 100 local awards and international ones as well, this is why he calls himself African Dancehall king and he really deserves it.

Shatta Wale have two kids male and female, Cherrisa and Majesty. Actually so many people including myself didn’t know Shatta had a daughter until she was celebrating her birthday. During the girl’s birthday her photos was all over the internet, that is when people got to know Shatta have a daughter. Well Shatta have decide to keep her daughter’s mother off social media and the media as well, no one knows her mom but Majesty’s mother is known by almost everyone.

Ghanaians react after seeing the photos of Shatta Wale’s daughter because they thought he only have Majesty. Not knowing he had a daughter too.

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Here are some funny and interesting comments people wrote under Cherrisa’s photos


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