A Massage To Avraham Ben Moshe And The CSF

Dear Avraham Ben Moshe and the CSF
I write to bring to your notice a very important fact. You have said on numerous occasions that religion is a human invention and that you do not believe in any religion and that man does not need religion. But the fact of the matter is that you cannot escape from “religion.” 

If you see religion only as an organized society like Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, etc. then you have every right to accept or reject them. The constitution of our country even gives you that privilege. 

But Avraham, I want to bring to your notice that as far as the true meaning of the word “religion” is concern nobody including you can escape religion and no man can be said to be without a religion.

The word religion in its true sense is the doctrines, thoughts, and code of conducts which a person adopts to fulfil his obligations to God and man. Again religion stands for the views, doctrines, and ethical code which we adopt with regard to the matters of life and death. In short our views and doctrines about the philosophy of life and death are our religion. 

So Avraham, based on the true meaning of religion as I have given, you will now agree with me that you do have a religion because you have your views about the philosophy of life and you also have code of conduct you have adopted to fulfil your duty to man and your God.

Critics of organized religions like you think that religion is all about belief in God and when someone stops believing in God, he bids farewell to religion as well. You imagine that religion is something from which man can just walk away whenever he wants and it is generally thought that he who does not believe in God has no religion. 

However, the fact is that religion is an integral part of our lives and it is not possible for someone to free himself from it. If someone believes in God that is his religion and if someone denies God that is his religion. 

Another fact I want you to take note is that you are a Founder of a religion you have named COMMON SENSE FAMILY. You are now a “Prophet” because people now seek guidance from your teachings. Your people do not go to Church, Mosque, Temple and Shrine but go to Facebook or YouTube to listen to your teachings. They now have the symbol of your religion the Ankh around their neck. They also chant your slogan etc.
To the followers of Avraham Ben Moshe or the CSF, do not think that you have no religion. You have only abandoned organized religion to join an unorganized CSF religion. Ben Moshe is now your “Prophet.” 

Mr. Avraham, you and your followers can reject any organized or revealed religion but you cannot possibly repudiate religion per se. With these views in mind, it is now incumbent upon you not only to go about debating religions but to tell people your view and your positions on subjects you debate on. 

Stop attacking organized religions and preach your religion, if people are convinced they will join you.

                                          To be continued ……..

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