What cured your depression

It frustrates me to read motivational things that says stuff like ” happiness is a choice ” or ” you’re in control of your destiny.” Sounds more like naive fantasy, pressure, burnout, stress, and a lack of education to me. Just some motivational gurus that lack a fundamental understanding of neurology and psychology trying to sell books.

Like it’s your fault because you have a choice to feel like that. FALSE. The lucky people that don’t personally understand depression are quick to judge – they assume you’re weird, flawed, slow , broken , not good enough, ungrateful or dramatic because your brain chemistry is different from theirs.

They don’t understand the weight carried by your definition of the words sad or sick. Other times, well it’s just easier to skip the feels and pretend it’s fine , you’re fine – just tired.

A shift in perspective , seeking help, becoming more mindful and present in each moment are things that made the dark days a bit better.

I hope someone find these helping . Wishing you all the best.

Here are some 10 important things to remember when you are depressed.

  1. Be proud of the little things you accomplish each day. These are days where going up the stairs leave you breathless and gets the heart pounding.
  2. Eliminate the concept of perfection from your world. Delete all social media apps and disconnect.
  3. Everything you do matters, everything you don’t do also matters.- Amy Kaur
  4. Remember the bigger picture despite it hurts.
  5. You are always enough.
  6. You can’t mess up the right thing.
  7. Let it hurt, then let it go.
  8. You’re not ready to face the sun for a reason and it’s a valid one.
  9. You’re stronger than you know.
  10. Happier times are coming.

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