Today, 21st August 2020 on Sapne Suhane.

Gunjan consoles Rachna saying that she knows it isn’t to get up when you are rejected, but you don’t have an option. You must get up and without seeing past, move on. Rachna says she no longer has the courage now, she can’t move on and join this job. Gunjan asks is this she? Rachna says this is me, when I saw KT, it took me to eight months ago and I still stand there. Gunjan says KT is a bad memory. Rachna says she can’t forget him, she won’t be able to concentrate his job. Gunjan says I know it is difficult, may be this is the reason this job came to you, and what will she say when the family will ask why she didn’t join it. Rachna recalls when Dayal said, she was crying so hard that he thought there has come a new problem.

Shayl gets sweet for Dayal and others, saying this year has been great for them all. Prabhu says they will have dinner outside, in some restaurant. Prabhu asks Peehu to call Murli, Dayal asks about him. Peehu says he is a bit busy these days. Prabhu gets to call him, but Peehu stops him saying he must be busy. Dayal asks if she said something to him, like the last time. Shayl observes Peehu. Rachna and Gunjan come out, Seema says they are going out for dinner, but Rachna says she isn’t taking the offer as she doesn’t want to join this job. Seema and Shayl ask wasn’t she happy with it. Gunjan says there is a clause in its contract, for which she must work for a long time, there is no off in it as well. Dayal and Shayl reject the idea of this job. Gunjan says their Rachna is so talented, she will get something really good job.
Gunjan comes to Shayl for some work to do. Peehu comes to ask her about the sterilization of the bottles. Shayl asks if she has called Murli, but Peehu says he can’t come, he is much busy these days and isn’t even well. Peehu asks Shayl to stay here for a week more, Gunjan cheers and asks her to call Murli as well. Peehu gets irritated that she always talks to her about calling her husband, he doesn’t like it. She leaves.

Shayl tells Gunjan not to take her wrong, but Gunjan says this time Peehu is really worried and tired this time. Gunjan asks to make Arhar daal for Vikram.
Prabhu appreciates the daal, Shayl says Gunjan made it specially for Vikram. She asks him to take it, but Vikram was lost. He thinks about the night with Bindia. Dayal and Prabhu tell him about a proposal for him, Bindia gets cough. Mayank says to Shayl why she is finding girls for his brother. Seema says he has to get married this year. Bindia takes a leave from the table. She comes to her room, and says what she must do about this drama. Vikram comes calling Bindia, Bindia takes her clothes and bag, and asks Vikram to leave her alone. She is going from here; he must marry whoever he wants to do. He is a man, no one will blame him but she will be held guilty. Vikram asks what he can do for her. She says he won’t marry her, if she asks him to. Will he marry her? Vikram was reluctant, she says leave it, she can’t pressurize him, she is an orphan and will die so. She leaves the room, crying.
Gunjan gets a letter from the courier, and watches KT’s house door open. She comes to the house, KT was there in the hall. Gunjan says why he came to Banaras, is he shifting here. If to be clear, why he came back to play with Rachna’s life again. Who gave him the right to first leave her, and then come back again. What he wants from Rachna. KT says he wants to say something, he didn’t come to meet Rachna but to leave this place forever. He had to take property papers, and sale this house.

There was no reason to come here. He asks how is Rachna. She asks if he wants to know, how is she. He has no idea how she took control of her life, she saw you yesterday and now leaving her job offer too. Her condition worries her and he is onlyhttps responsible for it all. KT says he can only say that he will go from her life, forever. I promise to never come back, I know how much she must hate me, and why not as I.. Anyways I will leave. Gunjan says I hope, you stick to your promise. KT watches their photo, and says you have to stay away from Rachna, Kabir!. Gunjan comes home, Rachna meets her on the door and takes her along. She asks if she had gone to KT’s house. Rachna says his car is parked out, and her eyes say she has met her. Gunjan was quiet. Rachna asks if he asked about her. Gunjan says she isn’t the reason, the reason is the house which he wants to sell. Rachna cries, that he is leaving Banaras forever. Gunjan says yes, for always…

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