Today, 21st August 2020 on Chandra Nandini.

Both armies ready to attack, padmanand and Chandra ride to each other at the centre of warfield, the rules are explained,and the war will be stopped after sunset,padmanand says you ran twice but this time you will die, I killed your father and will kill you too, you know I had beheaded him and had promised your mother will kill you same way and then will end your mother too.Chandra says your promises are of no use, I have or,used my mother and my motherland that this time the death will be yours and your sons.both take positions for war.chandra puts the warfield soil on his forehead. Mora with her blood applies a naam on the Chandra word inscribed by her as blessing.
Chandra remembers Chanakyad words that this time we will attack as magad does with vrishchik view Rachna,the war begins.helina Joins the attack too with Chandra,Chandras army enters the magad army like a killing arrow.

Padmanand sees his first son killed by Chandra.chnadra proceeds and injures padmanands second son too. Disciples as Chanakya what fire is this in Chandra he is like an unstoppable fire,Chanakya says because he is fighting for his mother today and victory is his.Helina fights shoulder to shoulder with Chandra.third son of padmanand is killed too.

Dhananand attacks army,Chandra is caught in a circle by six sons of padmanand,Chandra jumps over his horse and fights all of them. Chandra and dhananand start battling each other,Chandra injures him. Nandini is informed that Chandra is on wining side,Nandini says I had felt this before, Nandini with her sword rushes out. Padmanand signs maliketu to join the war,maliketu attacks with his army. Padmanand says Amartya make sure maliketu is safe he is going to marry my daughter. Dasi stops Nandini near warfield and says maharaj will be very angry if you enter the warfield,Chandra and maliketu battle each other.
Helina stands aside and see them fight, both are equally strong,Nandini watch maliketu and Chandra fight,Chandra gives maliketu a tough fight and so does maliketu. Chandra defeats maliketu, padmanand shocked to see Chandra defeat maliketu.

Chandra points swords at maliketu and remembers chankayas words,to get padmanand into the war, you have to attack maliketu, this will pull padmanand in war,Chandra attacks maliketu with sword and padmanand gets angry and gets in the battle,Chandra seeing him smiles, his troop makes the arrangement and Chandra with their help attacks padmanand,Chanakya smiles.
Padmanand and Chandra battle each other, seeing Chandra attack her father Nandini rushes to the warfield, her brothers stop her,Chandra stops her brothers from getting near padmanand, padmanand says don’t worry about me go protect Nandini,Chanakya remembers his insult. Dhananand says Nandini you have to step back,it’s maharajas order. Chnadra about to kill padmanand. Nandini shouts…
Chandra gives padmanand tough fight,Chandra about to kill padmanand, the buzzer of sunset goes on and the war commences for the day,Chandra says today destiny saved you but tomorrow come back with preparations for your death see you tomorrow and looks at Nandini and leaves. Nandini pushes her brothers and jumps on her horse and rushes behind Chandra and at calls him from behind,Chandra on his horse turns to Nandini,Nandini says you injured my father my guru and I will kill you,Chandra says I have warned you that I will kill your whole family, get back,it’s sunset we shall meet tomorrow and I don’t attack women,Nandini says you are a coward, giving excuses and trying to get away from me,you have no men qualities,padmanand holds her horse and says lets go.

Chandra has nandinis words on his mind,Chanakya sees Chandra worried and asks everyone to leave them alone,Chandra says today it was end of NAND,but,Chanakya says see out there all are in owe of your strength and tomorrow will be a new plan,magad has our plans now,if you win you will be King but if you lose,after longyears Bharat will have a quality King and future of Bharat and after you we need a loyal King,and so need you take your family forward,Chandra says helina and me, Chanakya says no helina is Greek and Bharat won’t accept your son through her and for betterment of mourya Vansh the son must be queen durdhara, Chandra says that isn’t possible she is my friend,Chanakya says you have to take this step and that to tonight.
Nandini with padmanand helping him with medicine, padmanand says you are my strength Nandini and so no pain will ever bother me but your tears they are pain to me,Chandras attack don’t matter me what matters is your tears and its Chandra who is behind them and he will have to repay for it, Nandini says tomorrow he will die and by your hands that is for sure.Maliketu angry on his defeat by Chandra and says you coward see how I tackle you tomorrow, your victory is impossible .
Chandra walks to durdhara, she gives him a new Vastra and says I made it for your rajyabhishek and I know you are her to share your today’s day with me and I know you soon will be King,Chandra says durdhara I’m here for other reason, I’m he on acharya orders and it is for mourya Vansh future, durdhara smiles and nods yes and hugs Chandra,Chandra says sorry I can’t,he has Nandinis words I’m his mind that he has no men qualities and in anger looks at durdhara and both move ahead.
Nandini walks out of her tent and sees injured soldiers,she asks Vaidya are our soldiers fit enough for tomorrow,he says yes they will be fine,Nandini starts helping others heel.
Next Morning durdhara walks to Chandra and says I know victory is all yours, see I have made arrangements for you get ready,Chandra stops her and says it’s orry for Yesterday, it was just for,durdhara starts laughing and says why so worried,relax,as you said our relation will never change,we just played our parts of being the future king and queen but tell me why were you so angry,what is killing you inside,tell me what is it,is it our wedding,Chandra says no it’s just hatred to someone else and the revenge fire in me,durdhara keep your hatred to that person,what is important is your war today, focus on that now.
The war begins,Chanakya waves yellow flag as per plan and Chandra acts accordingly and enters the army in the planned formations,Chandra has Chanakya instructions in his mind and acts accordingly,maliketu padmanand and Amartya are surprised to see Chandra tackle so well,sunset and so the war is stopped for the day,chnadra returning with his army, maliketu says don’t stop attack,this war isn’t over for me and forces his troop to attack,maliketu attacks Chandra from behind and he falls of his horse,helina sees that and shouts and rushes for his help,padmanand very happy.
Maliketu walks to Chandra and says your end and my victory,I will leave you here to die in pain,helina says pick him up and take him to the medical aid,maliketu says helina your husband won’t see tomorrow’s day,accept my offer come back to me and be the ruining queen of Bharat,helina says I will give answer tomorrow you cheat.
Pre cap: padmanand on ground and Chandras sword on his neck and says you coward you can just back attack and hide but now who will save you here,Chandra about to attack,he is stopped.

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