The detergent that can fight any virus

“Cleanliness they say is next to Godliness”, but putting the spirituality aside, it also grows your confidence.

We are now in the era of tribulations where hand sanitizers are going for million dollar a squirt. Now we haven’t just understood that Cleanlinessness is next to Godliness but we now know it’s in line with liveliness. Because without this we lose energy to the inevitable catastrophic panic trigger deadly Corona virus.

Since no amount of money can buy our lives but small throw away of our hygiene can cause our exit from this earth, it has been a necessity to take our hygiene as I priority by washing our hands thoroughly. This is why the best homemade detergent, proudly made in Ghana (LoJa’s Enterprise) is highly recommended for use in our homes, shops, offices, schools, churches, restaurants, hotels, local chop bars and eateries. The product comes in multipurpose liquid soap, shower gel, active floor cleaner. It is also available for both wholesale and retail with a very affordable prices and it’s in different sizes some are very portable for mobile use.

They say when “living things are in their comfort state they try to reproduce”, the brain behind LoJa’s Enterprise knows this so she offers training for people who are interested in learning how to make the detergent and want to start a business on their own.

When a nation is at war, they call the soldiers the same way when the body is at dirt you need LoJa’s Enterprise

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LoJa’s enterprise proudly Made in Ghana!!!

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