Osei Boamanfi The Giant From Ashanti Kingdom

In the olden days, there were giants. Giants walked the earth and among men. There were people who were vertically over-favored by nature, they were very tall, mostly well built and looked different from the normal human being due to their body sizes.

Most of these giants were the frontiers in wars, in places where security was highly demanded as well as in places where people of higher authorities could be found. It is rather unfortunate that we have a few giants in the world who are winning several awards especially in the guiness book record due to their body size and height.

In Ghanaian history, the name Osei Boamanfi will never be forgotten but will be passed on from generation to generation. Growing up, we were taught history by our parents and we were made to believe that there were some very great and unique people in the country but it was rather unfortunate that we did not get the chance to witness their presence.

It was believed that Osei Boamanfi, the giant of Ghana was the tallest Ghanaian to ever be born. It was alleged that he could eat a whole family meal, he could do extraordinary things etc.

The name Osei Boamanfi became a threat to the enemies of the Ashanti Kingdom, as it was believed that he could sweep away a whole army with an arm and people will chant his name and praise him for it.

Since the man was a giant, he had twice the biggest feet in the country and it was alleged that the size of any shoe was so small to fit him, every attire was so small and anything that every normal human being will fit into would not fit him.

He commanded an army in the Ashanti Kingdom and was feared by many. One of the most unique things which people believed he did was when he will bend a whole tree to sit on it when he was tired.

When he stood on his feet, he would almost be catching up with the height of a coconut tree and as a result, he would just have to stretch out his hands in the air to reach able coconut tree and pluck any without going through the stress in climbing a tree.

Unfortunately, he died a mysterious death and it as alleged that several feet underground could not contain him so they had to dig deeper in order to have his body size and length to be buried.

His death was mysterious since many elders have given different occasions through which he passed on. Some people claim he choked on food, some claim he was killed and others feel it was a poisonous meal he took from his wife that killed him.

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