How to enable text prediction while typing on your PC without downloading a software

Being a student or a worker and others, people tend to type a lot for assignments and projects and lots of other stuff but many of us have problems with some spellings and others have problems with fast typing without a similar software like the ones phones use for text prediction when we are typing but then, there is text prediction in using PCs but we didn’t know and now we learn how to enable it.
So to begin, go to the search box at the start button’s side
Now select the first option, show text suggestions as i type, this window will appear

Make sure the part called show text suggestions as i type on the software keyboard is on and that’s it all is set. Now to test this, use the shortcut windows key+r and type notepad to open notepad and start typing.

The texts in the box above where you are typing are being predicted and this shows that what yo did was successful.

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