“Don’t say bofrot”. This is what it is called.

After reading this article, you’ll get to know the English name of your favourite snack Bofrot.

Our favourite ball-like golden colored sometimes brownish local snack has an English name.

We usually call is Bofrot here in Ghana, right?

Others call it. bofrobotu. Some others also “toogb33 🤣🤣” and sometimes “posooo”.

This delicacy has a different name in almost every country it features itself.

This snack is made of dough containing flour, yeast or baking powder, sugar , butter, salt, water and eggs and deep fried in vegetable oil to a golden brown or sometimes brownish colour. After frying, they can be rolled in sugar to add extra sweet to it.

They can be eaten plain, or with any other addition. For instance, most people take it with beverages or drinks for breakfast or with groundnut.

Here in Ghana, it is popularly called boflot originating from the word buffloaf.

In actual terms it is called “buffloaf” and not Bofrot or boflot.

But just so you know, we made this write up to inform you so the next time you are caught in an English web, you can get out easily without any hustle.

We’ll, in terms of what we eat, it should not be much of a concern as there are different names we call the various foods we eat in our local languages.

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