A Disabled Man Engages Famous Celebrity In Ghana(Photos ).

The world is now changing and as result of that, human beings on Earth especially Ghanaians are now understanding some things in life.

In the Bible, is written that God created a female purposely to help a man on Earth as well as in marriage.

It shows clearly that marriage is recognized by God and it should be treated us such.

Since God appreciates marriage, it means when you get married there is an amount of blessings allocated to you by God.

In Ghana here,we do recognized marriage a lot because it forms the basis of our culture.

At first most people neglected disability people to be no use to the community or society they found themselves within.

 But now a days both women and men are not allowing themselves to be married to disable people as a result of development in the world.

When someone is disabled,it doesn’t mean he or she can’t conceive or do something better. But if you love someone irrespective of his or her status the love is still there.

Disability or disabled people also does whatever other kinds of human beings do.

They also go to school and found themselves in some big companies in Ghana and the world at large.

The pictures of the married couples are aggressively trending on social media especially “Instagram” about a disabled man who engaged a woman.

This wedding took place in Ghana.

Below are the pictures of these lovely couples.

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