Today, 20th August 2020 on Sapne Suhane. (Part 1).

KT takes leave from his friend Karan. Rachna was enjoying in the centre of the stage.
Bindia mixes something in the drink for Vikram. Rachna calls her that the drug fells down. Rachna says that she understands her pain, and Bindia must try to overcome it. She takes Bindia along. Vikram comes and thinks what this herb is. Bindia’s mind was stuck in the herb, and takes a leave from Rachna for washroom.

Rachna danced in the middle of the stage, KT notices the light lamp falling down. He jumps to save Rachna. Both fell on the floor, Rachna’s mask goes off but KT’s remain intact. She says thank you so much and was about to take off his mask when Gunjan and Mayank come with the family. Rachna looks around to find KT, worried.
The organizes apologizes the guests, accepting his mistake. Prabhu says they can’t stay here, but they apologize. Rachna watches KT leaving the outdoor.
Vikram comes to Bindia, and asks if she is looking for the herb. Bindia stammers where he found this. He says he saw it in her hand. Bindia says its her head ache medicine, she takes the herb and mixes it in soft drink, saying if this chance is missed she will have a The End. She looks at Vikram smiling.
KT goes out, Rachna follows him. She calls from behind, KT. KT stops, Rachna’s heart beats faster. KT thinks don’t close to me, I can do nothing but give you more pain, please go away. Rachna moves nearer, and keeps hand on his shoulder. He turns to face her. Rachna removes the mask off KT’s face. They both look at each other, tears fill her eyes. She says her heart’s every beat told her, he was near somewhere, and he was leaving without even meeting her. Didn’t Rachna meant anything for her. Then also, he left her alone, in the centre of everything. Did he realize how lonely she was then, and for so long had she been waiting for him. KT looks at her, silently as she took his collar and asked him crying, why he did so.
In the party, Gunjan asks where has Rachna gone. Bindia comes to Vikram from the back and hits him. His drink drops, she offers his drink. He denies, but she says if he won’t take it she would think he is still angry with her. He drinks it.

Gunja comes looking for Rachna, Rachna asks KT, why he did this to her. She needs the answers of each day in the past eight months. KT stood still, Rachna cries as she asks him shouting. He says he has no answer. Rachna asks what does this mean that he doesn’t have an answer. Why has he come back then, to open all those past chapters again. Rachna beats KT’s shoulders with her fists, asking why he did this. Gunjan comes and watches this. She calls Rachna, and stops her. Rachna asks her to see this man, whom she loved so much betrayed her, and today he has nothing to say. Gunjan asks her to calm down, Rachna asks Gunjan to tell him leave. Gunjan says to KT what he is looking at, he must leave, please go.

KT looks at Rachna, she was crying badly. He leaves.
Rachna sits on the bench, and says she is lost. She smells betrayal in KT’s presence. Gunjan asks her to forget there was any Kabir Tripati in her life. Dayal, Shayl and Mayank come there.
Vikram was drunk. He asks a waiter if Hanuman has arrived. The waiter says he is also Hanuman. Vikram considers him God, the waiter leaves thinking him crazy. Bindia gives a thumb up to the bar man, Bindia comes to Vikram and offers to take him home. Prabhu comes there.
Shayl was worried, what has happened to Rachna, is she is alright. Gunjan says to Dayal that their daughter wanted to be brave but her strength went away. She smiled when the lamp fall on her, but she was crying in washroom. Dayal says he has scolded the manager bad. Gunjan sits with Rachna, Dayal says he thought a new problem has arrived. Gunjan thinks he is right, KT named problem has come to her life….

Gunjan thinks that a KT named problem has come in Rachna’s life. Dayal goes to bring water for her, while Shayl sits besides Rachna. Rachna asks Shayl to be with her and not leave her alone. Shayl promises she won’t move from here, but they must all go inside as it is really cold outside.
Prabhu comes when Bindia offers Vikram to take him home. Vikram was ashamed, Prabhu says that it is you both, he thought Seema has seen him drinking. Bindia laughs that her lips will remain sealed. Prabhu notices Vikram stealing eyes, and asks what he is doing at the bar. Bindia laughs that he wanted to be alone, away from dance floor so he came here. Prabhu appreciates Vikram. Bindia asks Prabhu if she can go home, as she isn’t feeling well. Prabhu offers to drop her, but Bindia says Vikram will drop her. Bindia points Seema behind, Prabhu hides the glass and leaves. Vikram felt dizzy.

Please, be reminded that, this is only the first part. Make sure to wait for the second part. Thanks.

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