Iron metal rod made of rage

Keeps you in much anchor

Nothing else to gain

Fantasies about your age

Hair turning grey

The pain making you look pale

Happiness in a twinkle

In an awful left eye

She seems beautiful

Maybe,now,her hair might be made of dye

But in no time you will start to frown at her wrinkle

Love is an imprisonment for a heart

A man to look more like a monument

A pride instrument

I do!

That vow,really!

You! Is that true?

When you find yourself locked behind bars

My greatest fears

I’d rather buy cars

Than propose to nurture tears

Continue nonstop for years

She’s hot and sexy,

Take a gaze

And find the next slap landing on your face

The rules and regulations

Awareness of the temptations

These fusions

Are real not illusions

Waking up to my pen

I text everyone

Have fun with all

Leaving none

Instead of being with one

The pain is too much

I’m still a man,

Not ready to beget a son

I choose not a date

Can’t afford the rate

But I love waking up to my pen

-by Mastermind The Poet (Khobby Brown)-

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