After a hard day’s work, it is time to lay and rest
The night is young, so am I
I lay cozily on my rest piece
I close my eyes for the first time and try to slumber
Sleep grants me the gift of rest
Then that’s when it creeps in
My heart begins to beat fast, beat harder
Dark visions of scary things seen earlier
Not caring about me, my CPU projects these things to me
Scary and horror moving images in my dreams
These things feel so real, are they real? I keep on asking myself
A situation in which your unicorn becomes a dragon and your clown becomes the IT
Impossible to continue seeing these, I wake from my slumber
My heart still pounding hard, I sit on my cozy bed which now feels like ember
The images still in my head I look around to see if they followed me to the physical realm
I hear sounds from the world beyond these walls
Silent sounds from the night become scary ones
I look at how peacefully my pals are resting and I envy them
I begin to lie down and take deep breathes
Trying to be strong I forcefully close my eyes once more
What am I expecting? I do not know
Not even before sleep grants me rest again, the horror returns
Taking away my gift once more
Scarier than the previous ones I begin to think these horrors knew that I left their realm and have returned
A clown with two red stripes on his face races towards me, my heart now feels like a pistol firing, I become paralyzed not knowing where to pass
My eyes bring me back home
Relieved but still afraid i lay awake throughout the night
Hoping and praying to see morning light
Mommy and daddy aren’t here to say it’s all a dream
After all I’m too old to be expecting that dream
Then why does it feel real?
Why do I look in the corner and feel like something’s looking back?
Why do even the singing of night feathers and sounds of insects scare me
Am I too weak or is it normal? I try to convince myself that it is the latter
My pillow and cloth become my best friends
They try their best to comfort me even though I squeeze them hard
They try, try and try but no luck seems to appear
Save me from this night, please I beg
Rescue me from the horror somebody, anybody
Tell me it’s just a dream
Tell me these shadows aren’t real
Tell me it’s going to be okay
For the night keeps on taking my brave away
Somebody save me, from my mind, from the shadows and from the night
My eyes are sore from being sleepless
Save me someone, anyone, friend or enemy
Because the shadows want to take me away
After the pleading of a lifetime mama nature responds to my plea
She gives me a sign of hope, of happiness
A crow from a cock enlightens me
Mama nature’s way of saving her son
She blesses me with a spark of light from her heavens
The morning light finally appears
Happy on my inside but still tearing deep down,
I stare at the outside and for once, enjoy the song of the feathered ones
Hope now seems to dawn in
The storm is over, the rainbow crawls in
Finally my hours of horror end
Thank you Mother Nature, a mother you truly are.

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