Must watch Nollywood movies

Hello there, if you are a fan of Nollywood movies, then you should definitely watch these movies. If you’re not a fan, do well to check out the movies too.

  1. Living in the bondage

I really loved this movie. It’s a movie about Nnamdi a graduate who wants to get rich fast. Unfortunately, a cult his father used to be try to make him a member. The story follows how he was initiated, the aftermath of the initiation and how he was able to leave cult. This movie is a sequel to a 1996 movie where the guy’s father joined the cult. In this movie his father is now a pastor and he helped his son through the period.

2. Elevator Baby

This is a movie about a guy from a well to do home with bad manners. He had a problem with everyone including his mom. Unfortunately, he got trapped in an elevator with a pregnant woman. The lady went into labour and he had to help her deliver the baby. This experience changed his life forever.

3. Perfect Picture. 10 years later

This is a great Ghanaian movie. It’s the sequel to the 2009 movie with the same title. The movie is about 3 friends and their lives after 10 years. If you watched the first part, you should definitely watch this movie.

4. Too old for this

This is a fun-filled movie family movie. It’s about a couple who get married at old age after their children are all grown up. The movie follows the struggles they went through in the hands of their family and friends and how they got over these trials to have their baby.

5. Kasanova

This is a movie about two families. The first one is a philanderer widower and his son. And a single mother who has little time for her only daughter. A plan made by the widower’s son to date and dump the daughter of the single mom led to the meeting of both parents who eventually fell in love.

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