Man Who Has Spent Almost All Of His Life’s Years In Prison Refuses His Release

Being a detainee isn’t what a great many people will long for. Furthermore, if in the long run one ends up in jail he would need to leap out with any smallest open door he gets. That is the reason we regularly hear accounts of jail breaks since man cherishes opportunity. 

Joseph Ligon who is said to be the longest serving adolescent lifer was 15 years of age when he was sent to jail for the homicide to two individuals. It happened that on February 20, 1953 15-year old Ligon went to a hit the dance floor with four different teenagers and they did some drinking. From the move, they went to locate some income sans work by looting individuals. They wound up cutting eight individuals in Philadelphia. Two out of the eight individuals kicked the bucket. He was indicted for first degree murder and was condemned to life detainment without any chance to appeal. 

In any case, in 2017, a Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas judge cancelled the life detainment of Ligon without the chance for further appeal. Ligon was re-condemned to 35years in jail and now qualified for parole. This will give him the chance of being delivered. 

However, shockingly, Ligon didn’t concur with this court administering and is engaging the decision. He doesn’t need the sentence the adjudicator gave him as he had just gone through 64 years in jail and needs the resentence to lessen to the term he had just served. As per what he told the adjudicator, he said; “I need to get out-no parole and no probation.” 

In the event that in the end he is allowed a parole and is waiting on the post trial process, on the off chance that he carries out any little wrongdoing or disregards the conditions of the parole, he will be tossed back to jail and that isn’t what he needs. He asserts he just cut the people in question yet didn’t anybody. He additionally accepts he has served a long haul in jail and ought to be delivered for acceptable, not simply on parole. 

The 83-year old Ligon is still in jail till date and wouldn’t like to be delivered on parole. 

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