Kwadwo Sheldon joins Social media to save Popular Ghanaian Cartoonist

Ghanaian content creator and influencer, Kwadwo Sheldon has offered to join social media enthusiast in raising funds to support Emmanuel Aparaku popular known as Ray Styles.

The talented illustrator who is the brain behind Pencilled Celebrities is currently battling a life-threatening liver condition which needs immediate surgery.

Earlier this week, microblogging site Twitter has been washed with images of Ray who apparently has been struggling with the condition failing to raise the required GHS40,000 to find for treatment.

Sheldon in a tweet on Thursday pledged to donate revenues accrued from his youtube channel to help support the artiste.

Ray has an impressive collection of Artworks. He has been behind a lot of social awareness campaign including breast cancer, people living with albinism, among others.

You can check out some Ray Styles works via the link below

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