Just In: ‘Are You Living On Jupiter’ – Mahama Ask NPP

John Dramani Mahama has taken a swipe at the incumbent NPP for poor policy choices.

“Government or governance or management of a country is based on planning and common sense,” Mahama said. “There are certain decisions you take that will be inimical to the growth and prosperity of the economy,”.

Speaking to the Chiefs and people of Asogli State in the Volta Region, the opposition NDC flagbearer stated that because of “political shortsightedness” and “political victimization”, the NPP administration has taken decisions aimed at penalizing their political opponents. These decisions have affected the growth of the economy.

Outlining some of the political shortsightedness and victimization by the ruling party, John Mahama indicated that the current administration “suspended all government contracts and refused to pay contractors”.

He said: “Some contractors have died without being paid their legitimate monies. Others had mortgages on their houses, [but] because they lost their jobs they can no longer pay [and] the houses have been repossessed.”

“…those managing our country all they know how to do is propaganda and praise themselves that they’re the best administration…and the administration is even better than Nkrumah’s administration. Are they living on Jupiter or they are living here in Ghana?” Mahama quizzed.

The former President explained that the NPP leadership does not understand the realities facing the people of Ghana.

“When the leadership gets detached from the reality on the ground, then you have a problem,” John Mahama said and added that before he exited office as President, the NDC administration had added GHC54 billion to the public debts. That GHC54 billion, if you look around the country, you’ll know what the 54 billion was used to do.”

He observed: The evidence of the money has been used in constructing roads, school buildings, [and providing] potable water, amongst other social amenities.

“From 2017 to date, this government has borrowed GHC140billion…” and the only evidence the government can show for the amount they’ve borrowed is in what they are consuming.

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