John Mahama Deceived And Collected My Gold- Akua Donkor.

The founderandnd leader of Ghana Freedom Party,Akua Donkor is very angry about some attitude Shown towards her by the Ex- President John Dramani Mahama.

This morning on Wontumi morning show hosted on Wontumi TV, Akua Donkor was interviewed and she exposed how Mahama collected her gold and other belongings.

This is exactly what Akua Donkor said;
I took Mahama as my own son as knew by many Ghanaians. We were very close and even shared our secrets together.

Since I developed some trust for him i gave out my gold to him. Mahama told me that he is going to sell the gold for me in abroad and I accepted it. Later on,he was asked to give me the money because I thought he has sell my gold and have gotten a lot of money.

I tried all my possible best but he never gave me my money. Later on,he decided to give me a house but most Ghanaians think that house was given to me for free. All Ghanaians should take note that the house given to me is as a result of my gold given to him.

But the main reason why am said and at the same time angry is that he collected the house given to me later and my gold was not refund.

Ghanaians should be very careful not to vote for John Mahama because he was close to me and have been using Ghanaians money for building mansions for girls and is therefore causing lost to the state.
Even I helped Mahama to become the president of Ghana but he went to Electoral Commission to destroy my papers in other not to be able to stand as a president and later on told me is rather our current president Nana Addo who did that. Mahama can never be a president Ghanaians should woke up and stand up for only the truth.
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